Fox Chapel

Our newest office is located in the Fox Chapel Office Center on Old Freeport Rd.  This first floor office is wheelchair accessible with plenty of parking.  We have 3 massage therapy rooms making this a great place for individuals or small groups.  Hours are by appointment by calling 412-398-0625.  Pricing is as follows:

Table massage:  30min/$45,   60 min/$75,   90min/$105,   120min/$135

Chair massage:  10min/$13,   15min/$18,   2omin or more: $1/min

In addition to the services listed below, Reiki, Cupping and Hot Stone Massage are also available at this location.  For details, please call 412-398-0625


Bethel Park Office

Our Bethel Park location is housed within South Hills Spine and Extremity Center on Library Rd.  This is a second floor office requiring steps, but still plenty of parking is available.  Hours are by appointment by calling 412-398-0625.  Pricing is as follows:

Table massage:  30min/$45,   60 min/$75,   90min/$105,   120min/$135

For chiropractic care at this location, call Dr, Jonathan Abel at 412-833-4601


In-home Massage Therapy

Enjoy TABLE and/or CHAIR Massage in the privacy of your own home.  In-home massage therapy is an attractive option for individuals or small groups for a variety of reasons including individual preference, special occasions, parties, illness or age restrictions, etc.  Table massage requires a one-hour minimum; chair massage requires a two-hour minimum.

Pricing for In-home Table Massage starts at $125* for the first one-hour massage.  Subsequent massages follow regular office prices.

Pricing for In-Home Chair Massage starts at $65/hr*.  See below for additional options for chair massage.

We can also customize massage sessions for small groups such as wedding parties, spa parties, etc.  We will adjust the duration of each massage to accommodate your small group’s interest and availability.  Additional amenities are available such as foot massagers, neck wraps and shea butter.  Please call for pricing.

*Additional fees may apply for parking and/or extensive travel distance.

Table and Chair Massage are both available for your place of business too!


Chair Massage

Chair Massage has become quite poplar as a quick “pick-me-up” and stress reducer for those who may not have the time for the more complete table massage.  A chair massage typically lasts between 5 and 30 minutes, but a 60-min session is not out of the question!  Clients remain fully clothed with focus given to head, neck, back, shoulders, and arms.  Chair massage may also be a suitable alternative for someone who has never experienced massage, but would like to sample what massage therapy can offer.

A variety of pricing options are available.

Tamra’s office locations: 10min/$13,   15min/$18,   2omin or more: $1/min

Business, Home or Event site options:

  • $65/hr*
  • $1.25/min*
  • Shared pricing between host and participants
  • Full day event pricing available

*Additional fees may apply for parking and/or extensive travel distance.


Massage Therapy is a great addition to many events including picnics, family reunions, wellness events, customer appreciation events, etc.  Chair massage tends to be the popular option for such events, but table massage is also available.   Let Tamra’s Massage Therapy help you plan your venue with massage therapy.

Pricing determined by event details.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the most commonly used system of massage therapy in North America.  The main purpose is to establish or maintain good health through systematic and specific manipulation of soft  tissue.  Using rhythmic movements, the massage begins with light to moderate pressure which gradually increases to the client’s desired level.


Deep Tissue Massage

The focus of deep tissue massage is to address the deeper/secondary layers of muscle and connective tissue.  Slow, deep, steady movements along with cross-fiber strokes help to relieve pain and improve range of motion.  It is not uncommon to experience some soreness or discomfort to areas where the massage was more concentrated.  Such muscle ache should subside within a day or two.  Deep tissue may be a highly effective choice for a variety of people and in many instances such as for athletes, those suffering from chronic pain, such as fibromyalgia, or those dealing with postural problems.


Neuromuscular Therapy

Similar to Deep Tissue massage, Neuromuscular Therapy uses slow, deep movements along with cross-fiber strokes.  A neuromuscular therapy session, however, will be highly concentrated on one or two specific areas, such as rotator cuff or neck/shoulder area, and may not entail a full body massage.  Trigger points will be addressed with sustained pressure that often refers pain to other sites on the body.  The goal is to relieve chronic or active pain and help improve range of motion in targeted areas.


Geriatric Massage

Geriatric Massage is adapted from many of the techniques used in Swedish massage.  The focus is largely on improving circulation and helping improve mobility to those whose muscles may be in a compromised condition or may find it difficult to turn on a massage table.  The full massage is performed with the client lying either prone or supine on the massage table.  Clients also have the option of sitting in a chair rather than the massage table.  Suggested time for this massage is approximately 30 minutes.

Payment and Gift Certificates:

  • Payment is due at time of service.
  • Cash, checks, and most credit cards accepted.
  • $20 fee assessed for every returned check.
  • No-shows or cancellations with less than 24 hour notice are subject to a charge equal to the full cost of scheduled service.
  • Gift certificate value does not expire, however may be subject to price changes.
  • Gift certificates must be presented at time of service.
  • Lost or stolen gift certificates cannot be replaced.